We will visit two caves:

Cueva de la Pileta:

Situated 22km from Ronda, this cave is the site of a prehistoric settlement, with Palaeolithic wall art and some Neolithic remains. The Cave contains numerous paintings and carvings, and has been declared a National Monument and a Site of Cultural Interest.

The public is permitted to enter 500 metres into the Cave, but must be accompanied at all times by a guide. Journey back 30,000 years into antiquity!

Cueva del Gato:

Located 15km from Ronda, this Cave was formed by water erosion. It is the most important cave system of its type in Andalucía, with chasms, lakes, syphons, canyons and chambers, some of which reach up to 70 metres in height. The system is a total of 7,818 metres in length, but our visit is restricted to the exit, because to explore the interior requires speliological equipment. It is an incomparable site, with crystral-clear water.

The visit includes:

Transport, entrance and a guide to accompany us at both caves.

Approximate duration: 3 hours.

Price per person:  Consult us for more information