Our Language Courses

Learning a language involves much more than simply mastering grammar and vocabulary.  You need to live it. This is why all our courses include out-of-classroom activities, enabling you to continue using your Spanish at the same time as you are enjoying our country-side, culture and cuisine. Tapas nights, picnic excursions and visits to the most enchanting corners of our city … we’ll make sure that you feel, every moment that you’re with us, as if you’re in your own home!

Learn the Spanish that suits your needs in a fun and practical way through our ELE programme of courses, adapted to your availability and level.  We offer our students personal attention.

Our lessons have a maximum of 8 students per classroom, because we know the

importance of small-group teaching, including one-to-one work.


INTENSIVE-4 :  4 Hours/Day – 20 Hours/Week (Available Levels A1-C2)

INTENSIVE-3 :  3 Hours/Day – 15 Hours/Week (Available Levels A1-C2)

INTENSIVE-2 :  2 Hours/Day – 10 Hours/Week (Available Levels A1-C2) 

MONTH : 3 Hours/Week – 12 hours/month (Available Levels A1-C2)

ONE TO ONE : 60 Minutes / Class (Available Levels A1-C2)

 BUSINESS : 4 Hours/Day – 20 Hours/Week (Available Levels A1-C2)